When do you need an asbestos survey?

When do you need an asbestos survey?

Do you know what an asbestos survey is used for? Do you think your property needs a survey? To be honest, property owners and buyers know little about asbestos. Most people assume their properties have been checked for asbestos when the reality is far from that. The unfortunate truth is that asbestos still affects thousands of buildings around the UK today. You wouldn’t think so but it’s true and there are still far too many asbestos-related incidents.

So, when do you need to get an asbestos survey?

The 1970s build and older

Any residential property should have an asbestos survey carried out as soon as the old occupiers sell. Whether the home is in good order or otherwise, it is typically smart to have a survey done as it spots potential problems quickly. It will also help to keep future occupants safe. This is especially important for buildings made around the 1970s (but not limited to that era).

Any residential property should have an asbestos survey when there are new owners or occupants. It ensures their safety.

Commercial properties built pre-2000s

You wouldn’t think buildings still used hazardous materials as late as 2000 but that’s not quite true. Any commercial property should have an asbestos survey, especially if the property was built before 2000. It will help ensure the building is free-from asbestos and other hazardous materials. In some cases, a yearly survey may be needed depending on the building and local regulations.

Buying and selling property

A lot of people dismiss the notion of having an asbestos survey when they buy or sell a property but that’s the wrong attitude to take. While it isn’t illegal to sell a home with asbestos, knowing about it and not disclosing it. That’s a major reason to get a survey before you list the property. It’s a reason to get an asbestos survey when you buy property too.

At the end of the day, it’s about protecting you and others who’ll use the property. A survey could prevent unnecessary danger to tradesmen and occupants of the building.

Be careful with asbestos

It’s easy to dismiss asbestos because you don’t assume it’ll affect your property. Sometimes, it’s wishful thinking and other times it’s down to a lack of awareness. However, asbestos can be dangerous and impacts the body in many ways. Getting asbestos surveys can be crucial when you buy and sell a property. It can also be necessary when you’re moving into an older property. It doesn’t hurt to get an asbestos survey when you occupy a new building, regardless of how old it is.

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