Top reasons to choose brick slip cladding

Top Reasons To Choose Brick Slip Cladding

Brick slip cladding has become a firm favourite in Britain’s construction industry. Bricks are iconic and are often seen in buildings around the UK. It’s the simplest material to work with and can be incredibly versatile too. Brick slip is a cladding system that appeals to most. So, what are the reasons to consider brick slip cladding?

Beautiful brick features

Brick slip is beautiful. Take a look at any home with a brick slip cladding system and you’ll see how good it looks. The home’s aesthetic appeal is outstanding which enhances the overall look of the property. This isn’t easily achieved with many cladding systems, but brick slip makes it possible.

A simple insulation solution

Some buildings cannot be insulated through traditional methods. It means those properties are a nightmare to heat and can create an insulation headache. Brick slip cladding, however, gives properties the ideal way to insulate the home. The brick slips are attached to the outer wall of the building, typically on the insulation panel. It adds a layer of external insulation but enhances the internal thermal feel too.

Properties can remain cool during summer and warm in winter which makes the building efficient. That is why brick slip cladding has become so popular today and why more choose it. Getting better efficiency in the home isn’t easy, but brick slip gives you a simple solution to do so.

Great choice of styles and finishes

Every home is different; from the way they’re designed to the materials used to build them, each is unique. That means the cladding system must be adaptable for each home. Brick slip cladding is available in a variety of styles, finishes and thicknesses. Why does that matter? Well, it allows for most properties the opportunity to use brick slip.

Brick slip cladding is durable

Despite what you might think, brick slips are durable. While they are lightweight in design, they are tough and strong, allowing for good longevity. Brick slips can also withstand the elements and are easy to maintain and replace. That makes brick slip the perfect cladding system for most buildings.

The best choice for your home

Brick slip is a great choice to consider. You get a viable, cost-effective and simple solution to insulate the home. It also works when you can’t have traditional wall cavity insulation and comes in a variety of styles. Brick slip cladding is a great option to consider for the home and offers an impressive finish.

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