Why Sustainable Events are the Future

July 30, 2021

Sustainable events are capable of enthralling and delighting delegates, whilst simultaneously integrating social and environmental responsibility. Sustainable events are not a fad, they are a necessity.

The Rise of Sustainability

Sustainability is growing in importance, in the industry, as well as in the minds of delegates and clients. Organisers are often asking venues and events companies about their carbon footprint and green initiatives, and venues and events companies themselves are realising that implementing a sustainability strategy is as good for their bottom line as it is for the environment. How this sustainability strategy is implemented can take many forms.

Why Sustainable Events are the Future


It may be as simple as holding the event virtually, when in the past this event would have been done in person. There are many ways a virtual event can reduce the event organisers carbon footprint:

  • A virtual event can save carbon emissions on delegate travel.
  • It can save physical waste from snacks, drinks, straws, and brochures/ leaflets.
  • It saves on land use.

If the event is to be held in person, then the event organiser or the venue itself may implement their own sustainability strategy.

  • They may commit to a ban on single use plastic.
  • They may use sustainable energy to power the gas and electric of the event.
  • They may to commit to sourcing materials that are recycled and recyclable.
  • They may source any food or drinks produce from local suppliers, meaning the travel distance for the delivery is minimalised.
  • They may commit to offset any unavoidable carbon emissions with a certified carbon emissions offsetting project.

Commit to Sustainable Events

As the desire for sustainable events grows, the options for arranging your event in an environmentally conscious manner will also increase. Event organisers, venues, delegates, and the wider communities are constantly thinking of new ways fight climate change. Do your part… commit to a sustainable event.