The silent killer lurking inside: why asbestos should be handled by an expert

The silent killer lurking inside: why asbestos should be handled by an expert

Do you think about getting an asbestos inspection when you buy a property? In truth, you don’t think about asbestos or even know how to identify it by sight. It’s understandable because when you buy a property you don’t assume dangers are lurking within. You probably couldn’t tell the difference between asbestos and insulation. That is an unfortunate reality but you can’t take asbestos removal for granted.

So, how dangerous is asbestos and why should you call an asbestos removal expert?

The dangers of asbestos

Asbestos is a silent killer. It is thought to kill nearly five thousand people each year. Typically, it is construction workers and those exposed to the deadly fibres that are most affected by it. The awful truth is that most people don’t experience illness immediately after being exposed to asbestos. Worst still, it may be found in any building renovated or built before 2000. Yet, an asbestos inspection isn’t always carried out by new property owners.

Asbestos dangers include:

–  Lung cancer (caused by asbestos exposure)

–  Mesothelioma

–  Pleural thickening (caused by heavy exposure)

–  Asbestosis

These are deadly risks that come from asbestos exposure and are just a few reasons why an asbestos inspection should occur whenever renovations are taking place. You might not think too much about asbestos removal but it’s crucial to the safety of yourself and others.

You don’t have safety equipment to deal with asbestos removal

Whenever materials (that cause asbestos) are disturbed they send tiny fragments into the air. These fibres make their way into the body and slowly attack the lungs and respiratory system. Once you’re exposed to asbestos, there’s no turning back. It’s just one reason why you should never handle asbestos. An asbestos inspection should be conducted promptly to identify the type of asbestos and the extent of the problem.

Remember, asbestos removal can be tricky. You don’t have the safety equipment to handle it and you put yourself at unnecessary risk. Once you have an asbestos inspection and it has been confirmed, call professional asbestos removal experts. They are the best people to deal with it.

Asbestos must be disposed of properly

There are stipulations about how asbestos removal should be completed. It can be quite complex because it can only be taken to a specialist landfill that is designated to deal with asbestos materials. Regulations must be followed too as every precaution needs to be taken to keep you and others safe.

An asbestos inspection can assess and remove the threat. It is the only safe way to dispose of asbestos.

Get an asbestos inspection to protect yourself

Asbestos is a silent killer and has continued to plague construction workers and property owners for years. Asbestos could be hiding in any building and without an asbestos inspection, you would never know it. The awful reality is that asbestos exposure causes cancer and asbestosis, among other conditions. Protecting yourself against these conditions can be crucial because they are lifechanging.Whenever you buy or renovate a building, get an inspection and call asbestos removal experts to deal with the problem.

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