What to Expect from A Pregnancy Massage?

What to Expect from A Pregnancy Massage?

As the name might suggest, a pregnancy massage is a specially adapted, gentle massage that has been tailored for mums-to-be. As with all massages, the massage therapist will tailor the experience around you and any aches and pains you might have, they will also help you relax and prepare for labour. 

Are Pregnancy Massages Safe?

The NHS states that pregnancy massages are a safe, complementary therapy that can be used during pregnancy. Make sure you use a reputable massage therapist and make sure your therapist knows you are pregnant, to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. 

Although there is no rule against it, most massage therapists will avoid offering you a massage if you are in your first trimester. Just to be on the safe side. 

It can be sensible to avoid a pregnancy massage if you are suffering from particularly bad nausea and vomiting, although in some cases the massage might offer an improvement! You should also avoid a pregnancy massage if you are considered at risk of early labour or placental abruption.

If you are concerned about the safety of a pregnancy massage, speak to your GP/midwife before booking one. 

What is Involved? 

A specially trained massage therapist will offer a unique, tailored massage which can alleviate pain and facilitate relaxation. 

As with other massages, you will lie on a massage table. However, the table will have been adapted to ensure it is comfortable for your belly. You will most likely lay on your side, particularly if you are later on in pregnancy, when this is more comfortable.

The massage therapist will use a range of techniques. Typically, deep tissue pressure will be avoided, with the therapist opting for gentle touch instead. The massage therapist will be considerate of the changes your body is going through. 

For example, blood volume increases by as much as 50% during pregnancy, which can create pressure on the legs. So, the therapist will avoid deep touch here, offering long and light strokes instead, which can help circulation. If you would like the therapist to massage your belly this is possible, but they will use light pressure, focusing on the touch itself not the depth. 

If you would like to book a pregnancy massage, get in touch with the team at Samsara. We can chat through any concerns you might have, offering a massage that is perfect for you and your needs. 

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