What to ask estate agents when they value your house

What To Ask Estate Agents When They Value Your House

Knowing the value of your property can be smart, whether you want to sell or have made recent improvements. It’s good to know the current value, especially in today’s volatile markets. Of course, you’re probably a little reserved about approaching an estate agent but don’t be.

You should never be afraid to ask your estate agent a few questions before you use their services. Sometimes, it’ll clear up a lot of things and prevent your time from being wasted. So, what should you ask an estate agent who’ll evaluate your property?

Do I need to pay a fee upfront to value my house?

This is an important question to ask because every estate agent has their way of doing things. Some will request a small upfront fee while others won’t. It depends on the service you choose. Also, fees might depend on whether you’re looking to sell the home or just want to know its current value. Asking this question early on will let you know where you stand.

Will minor faults affect the valuation?

The value of your house may decrease slightly if there are faults throughout the property. For example, the roof requires some minor repairs. While the issues are minor, they can impact your valuation. It’s the same when you have minor faults within the home. You want to ensure the home is presented well so that you get a fair valuation and attend to those faults and repairs.

Can you value my house during renovations?

You can request a valuation when your home is going through renovations and refurbishments. It might not be smart, however. So, can you value my house during refurbishment? Typically, it isn’t wise to have estate agents come to the home when it’s going through renovations or refurbishments. It can be best to wait until those things are finished as the value might increase after the work has been completed.

How can I improve the value of my house?

Who doesn’t want to value my house? Home valuations are crucial because you need to know how much your property is worth. Remember, you want a good price because it gives you a leg up during the negotiation phase (if you sell the property). It’s essential to ask this question because you want to do whatever you can to maximise value.

If there are things you can do to enhance the value at least you know and can act on them. So, find out if there is anything you can personally do to improve the value. Value your house and get in the know.

Get the best value for your property

Getting a home valuation can be crucial for several reasons. For instance, if you want to take out a new home insurance policy or have made major renovates, a valuation is typically necessary. Even if major changes haven’t occurred, it’s still wise to value your house. Valuations might have increased since the last report and it’s crucial to know where your property stands. So, ask estate agents as many questions as possible before you use their services. It might just enhance the estimate.

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