What Counts as an Electrical Emergency?

What Counts as an Electrical Emergency?

If you have never had an electrical emergency before, you might find yourself wondering what qualifies as one. Calling out an emergency electrician incurs an additional fee, so before you make that phone call, we have outlined some of the incidents that are commonly classed as emergencies.

That being said, never hesitate to call an emergency electrician, if you yourself believe it to be an emergency. Your safety and peace of mind is the most important thing, below is just a guide.

Power Outages

Blackouts can be fun for short periods of time, but with more and more people working from home, you will most likely want your power on pretty soon. Have a look around your road and ask neighbours, if other people are experiencing a power outage you will need to call your electric company. However, if it is an isolated incident, you will want to call an emergency electrician who can get the lights on again. Whilst you are waiting, we recommend you shut off the power at the source, turning off appliances, sockets and lights too.

Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are most often caused by faulty electrical systems, or in some cases by the appliances themselves. An electrical fire is extremely dangerous, no matter how small. The first step is to call the emergency services, to extinguish the fire safely, and to vacate the property.

After the fire has been dealt with, it is essential that you call an emergency electrician to investigate the cause of the problem. The electrician can also ensure the power is put back on safely.

Electric Shocks

Electric shocks can be painful and extremely dangerous. When plug sockets, plugs, and appliances are left unchecked, there is a risk that they can come into contact with electricity, causing electric shocks in some cases. 

If you or someone in your home experiences an electric shock, call the emergency services first, to check up on the health of the victim. After you are happy that everyone is safe and well, you should call an emergency electrician who can look into what caused the shock, before rectifying the issue.

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Whether you have an electrical emergency, or you are simply looking for some work to be completed, the team at BrightSparx London can help. Next time you need an electrician, just get in touch. 

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