How wedding catering van companies can make your wedding day extra-magical

How wedding catering van companies can make your wedding day extra-magical

Wedding catering van companies can provide a unique and memorable addition to your wedding day. Not only are they a trendy option, offering functionality and personality built-in to one coffee vehicle, but are worth every penny when it comes to stunningly-sourced caffeine to give your guests that buzz. 

If you’re looking for a catering van for your wedding, you probably have a specific idea in mind as to what food options you think will work best for your loved ones. However at Panda Coffee, we’re all about the unconventional, and are here to help you discover catering options you never existed. 

We want to bring an awe-inspiring element to your day, with a catering service that will have your guests wanting it to be your wedding day, everyday. So if you’re looking to crank up the magic for you and your partner-to-be, but struggling to find a way how, then look no further than Panda Coffee

Unconventional catering

We said it before and we’ll say it again – unconventional options are always a winner at weddings. If you’re keeping things conventional in terms of dress, music and location, then switching it up on guests with a thoughtful catering option will really bring the wow-factor to your day.  Wedding catering vans offer a departure from traditional catering options, such as seated dinners or buffet-style meals and can work best for kids, parents and grandparents! Why not add an element of excitement and surprise for your guests, and make your wedding stand out from any other.

Versatility of service

Our decked out catering vans can offer a range of food options, from classic street food to gourmet cuisine, and can cater to a variety of dietary requirements. This versatility ensures that all of your guests can find something to enjoy. We also act as a barista station, where guests can order their favourite coffee to-go, ensuring they’ll never miss a minute of your dance-floor-filler playlist. 

An Interactive experience

Panda Coffee’s catering vans offer an interactive experience, where guests can watch as their beautiful coffees are crafted by a team of talented professionals and coffee connoisseurs. They can also see their food being prepared, and customise their orders if needed. This can create a fun and engaging atmosphere, which we’re positive will add to the overall experience of your wedding day!


Wedding catering vans can be decorated in a variety of styles to suit you and your partner’s thought-through concept. We always ensure our catering vans are in pristine condition to ensure some truly great photo opportunities. They can be a great addition to your wedding photos and add to the aesthetic of your wedding day in a way that’s authentic and simplistically effective.


Wedding catering vans are well-loved for the fact that they’re an affordable option for couples tying the knot. They offer more tailored services than traditional catering services which usually work to a formula. We come full equipped, and will always ensure you’re in the know when it comes to costs. 

Wedding catering van companies can add a unique and memorable touch to your wedding day, providing an interactive, versatile, and affordable catering option that your guests are sure to enjoy and remember for years and years to come!

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