Types of yoga and how they differ

Types of yoga and how they differ

A yoga membership can be a wonderful gift this year. Yoga is completely different from other forms of fitness routines, but it combines body strength with mindfulness. It’s a unique concept that millions already love. It’s versatile in many ways as there are lots of yoga forms to try. So, what are the more popular types of yoga, and can they work for everyone?

Iyengar yoga

This form of yoga focuses on strength and flexibility through alignment. Iyengar yoga, however, is great for almost everyone, regardless of fitness level or ability. It is all-inclusive in a sense and that helps to appeal to yoga enthusiasts from all walks of life. Props and other such things are used during the sessions.  


This type of yoga has become hugely popular because it’s used in almost all areas of yoga. It focuses on one pose and the correct breathing as you move. This type of yoga is more active and quite fast too, but it’s fun to try. When you’re looking for a yoga membership and your fitness is ample, Vinyasa could be the one for you.


Hatha is the most common type of yoga. It combines meditation with different yoga styles and offers a slower pace. Hatha is ideal for everyone, from beginners to intermediates and experts. Hatha can be great for a range of ages and abilities too. You start with a more relaxed space and that’s why a yoga membership can be incredibly useful.

Bikram yoga

Created by Bikram Choudhury, this type of yoga is incredibly popular. It has a specific sequence of poses that are completed in a warm room. This type of yoga can be intensive, but the idea is to remove toxins by sweating them out (hence why the warm room). It can be tough, and you’ll need to keep hydrated too. A yoga membership for Bikram can be great for those with more experience.


You’ll love getting a yoga membership for kundalini yoga. It focuses on your energy and involves meditation and breathing exercises. This type of yoga is fun and great for spiritual healing.

Is a yoga membership worth trying?

Yoga isn’t overly difficult to try but you need good determination to stick with it. You should embrace a yoga membership because it can improve your fitness and find a good outlet for your emotions. A lot of people might not be sure about yoga to begin with but it’s great fun and good for your body too.

The love of yoga

Yoga can be a fantastic thing to try, whether you are eighteen or eighty. There are different types of yoga that can accommodate everyone, including Hatha and Iyengar forms. These are great and everyone starts at the beginning. You can take it easy and enjoy being surrounded by fellow yoga enthusiasts. Getting a yoga membership can be well worth it too.

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