How to install decking

How To install Decking

Professional landscaping East London services are a must for those seeking to enhance their outdoor space. Minor improvements can turn a dull garden into a fun, family-friendly space. Creating a patio area for dining can be ideal and not too expensive either. Decking can add a touch of elegance to any garden and transform it into a vibrant outdoor extension of your home. So, how to install decking?

Level the ground before installation

One of the most important aspects of successful decking is to have an even surface. When there are uneven spots, it often causes the decking to tilt or have one board higher than the rest. This can create a warping effect; plus, it’s problematic walking on an uneven surface. So, it’s important to level the ground before laying the decking. If you aren’t sure how to do this or just need extra help, use the services of professional landscaping in East London. It might make things slightly easier.

Create a plan of the layout before the installation

Whether you are going to hire a landscaping team in East London, or opt for the DIY route, it’s important to plan the new decking ahead of time. Good planning prevents gaps and other unwanted problems from occurring. Plus, it’ll save time during the installation as you won’t change the layout halfway through.

Installing the boards

When you want to install the decking boards, you need to lay down the first at the end of the deck. You must check the board is level and screw it in place to secure it. You can then mark where the other boards are to go and then install them. This is an important part of the installation and must be done correctly. If you’re having issues with putting down the boards, you might want to call on a landscaping company in East London for additional help.

Inspect the boards to ensure they are level

Decking must be properly installed for you to achieve the best results. It is necessary to use a spirit level to check on the boards. All boards must be level so that warping doesn’t occur. Any landscaping service in East London will tell you how important it is to check the boards are equal and level.

Add the trim boards

The trim boards finish the decking beautifully. There are lots of different options to consider, so you want to choose boards that are in line with your new decking. When you install the trim boards, ensure they are level to achieve a professional finish.

Use landscaping East London services to get the job done right Installing new decking isn’t overly difficult but does require a lot of patience, skill, and some know-how. You shouldn’t rush this job as it can cause problems down the line. If you aren’t sure how to tackle the installation or just don’t want to get it wrong, call on professional landscaping team in East London. They’ll get the job done and you won’t have to worry about a thing. A landscaping team in East London team can ensure your decking looks great and adds a touch of elegance to your home too.

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