Gloves, Shorts, and Punching Bags: Where To Spend On Boxing Equipment

Gloves, Shorts, and Punching Bags: Where To Spend On Boxing Equipment

If you’re new to boxing training, then you may be wondering which equipment you’ll need and where to prioritise the bulk of your money. While boxing training isn’t as expensive to get into as, say, mountain biking, there are nonetheless a few pieces of equipment you’ll absolutely need. Nobody expects you to install your own boxing ring, but if you want to get into the sport then it’s good to have durable equipment that will last you a long while, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Start With The Gloves

It should come as no surprise that, if you want to get into boxing training, then you should really get yourself a decent pair of gloves. After all, gloves are the main piece of equipment you’ll be using and they’ll have to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. As such, it’s best to buy from a reputable brand and invest a reasonable amount of money upfront.

A sensible entry-level price point should be between £30 and £50.

Never Underestimate The Value Of Protective Gear

A huge part of boxing training is just getting used to taking a punch. As such, you’ll be taking a lot of them and you’ll want to wear proper protective headgear. Boxing with poor-quality headgear might not seem too bad in the short term, but in the long run, it’s not good to have your head repeatedly knocked about like that. If you want to start your boxing training on the right track then you should start by getting good, protective headgear.

The price of head guards can vary a lot, but we recommend spending between £80 and £100 if you want really good quality protection.

A Punching Bag

Now, a punching bag is a little more optional than the last two, but if you want to really level up your skills at speed then it’s a great piece of equipment to install in your house assuming you have the space and think you can afford it. Working out with a punching bag is a very effective way to keep your skills practised in between sessions and makes for an effective daily exercise routine all on its own.

The price is rather dependent on the materials. On the cheaper end, you’ll find punching bags made from synthetic materials such as vinyl or canvas. More expensive punching bags are made from sturdier, longer-lasting materials like genuine leather and often come with more advanced features like height adjustment and reinforced stitching.

The cost of a punching bag can range anywhere from £30 to £300 depending on the kind of quality you need.

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