Why Film Set Catering Services Are So Important For Film Production

Why Film Set Catering Services Are So Important For Film Production

Nothing says appreciation of hard work like a film set catering service that provides steaming hot, delicious food throughout the busy work day. An unmissable part of any film shoot, a catering company should be chosen on the basis of stunning food menus, and friendly service. Inspired meals that accommodate for eclectic tastes have the ability to create the right atmosphere on set, and get people bonding between takes which will sure enough encourage chemistry on camera. 

Your team should be looked after, when it comes to nourishment in fleeting intervals between breaks. Our mobile catering service is forefronted by convenience, and we have a busy team of chefs and services working around the clock to provide a service that;s nothing short of perfect and professional. So, without further ado, we want to outline the top reasons that make film set catering services so important for a well-oiled film project. 

A Creative Service for Creative People

It goes without saying that providing inspiring food options, will have your set brimming with energy and ideas when getting down to work. It’s crucial that your team feel valued when providing a creative catering service that’s delivered by like-minded people. Just as we’re passionate about the importance of good food, this has closely aligned with the ideals of your team who are passionate about creating and innovating when it comes to filmmaking. We don’t see much difference between the two, and we thrive best when working in fast-paced environments to produce mouthwatering results for your two. At The Mobile Pizzeria, our pizza menus balance tradition with contemporary twists devised by our chefs who are crazy about unique flavours. 

Keeps you going, all day long

From 4am call times, where crews won’t hear ‘that’s a wrap’ for another 16 hours or so, you’ll need food options that are versatile. Our menus can be consumed at breakfast, lunch, dinner and we even provide the ideal snacking solutions for those that like to eat light and often. Staggered times means a catering solution must be on standby at any given time, and have the right equipment to keep things hot and fresh for those that are eating later in the day. Our menus are unique and crafted by chefs that are highly-experienced at what they do. They centre your needs at the heart of their delicious recipes, and ensure food is provided that can keep you creating all day long. 

Sends the right message 

A catering solution has such an impact, that your crew will be able to tell if their work is valued and appreciated. A catering service that is dependable, high quality and lives up to expectations of industry buffs on set is the key to sending the right message to the whole team. This message being, that their hard work and creative talents should be commended and provided for. Our catering service forefronts this value, and our beautiful food will be an instant hit with all members of the team, even those diva characters that are inevitably present on any large-scale shoot. A catering service should reflect your values as a production company, and show gratitude to the tireless work ethic that makes for such a successful filming project from start to finish. 

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