Film and TV Catering: How we prep for a busy day on set

Film and TV Catering: How we prep for a busy day on set

Drew Barrymore once said that ‘”Catering on a movie set is not just about the food, it’s about the experience. A great catering team can make a long day on set feel like a family meal.” We deliver film and TV catering services that are underlined by a sense of community, which we like to think impacts the creative and collaborative energy felt on any film set.

Film and TV catering can be demanding at times, especially when catering for a large number of people on set that all have different requirements. However, sufficient preparation is the key to delivering an award-winning catering service. 

No one day is the same in this wonderful industry – however a typical day on set involves careful planning and organisation to ensure that everyone is well-fed and satisfied throughout the day. We always think it’s good to give an insight into our services, to ensure you can get to know the real Mobile Pizzeria, and the passionate team of caterers behind the scenes. 

General preparation: How our expert Film and TV Caterers prepare before the day

Menu Planning

We start by planning a menu that suits the dietary requirements and preferences of the crew and cast. We look to include a variety of options, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals. We also find it important that the menus we build provide the necessary nutrients and energy for the long day on set.

Quality ingredients 

The quality of our ingredients is what sets our pizza menus apart. We use a trusted supplier to ensure all of our ingredients used are fresh and high-quality that will keep so well throughout the day. 

Meal Prepping

Prepping some elements of our meals ahead of time can save a lot of time on set, and ensure people are served quickly and efficiently. We often cut vegetables, and make sauces and dressings in advance. We store them responsibly so that they stay fresh.


We assure you all of our catering equipment is checked and thoroughly cleaned well in advance of the busy filming day, including pots, pans, serving dishes, utensils, and storage containers. We value safety and hygiene above all else, ensuring everyone feels looked after by our leading catering service on set.

Taste Testing

We regularly taste test our menus before taking on filming projects, tweaking our menus to ensure they’re the most delicious they could possibly be. Communication between staff and our chefs is crucial as we feel it’s important everybody is passionate about the menus they deliver to TV and Film shoots.

What makes The Mobile Pizzeria a dependable TV and Film Catering company?


Timing is key when it comes to catering on set. We always ensure that there’s enough time to prepare and serve each meal, taking into account any delays that might occur. It’s also important to us that we consider the timing of staggered breaks and more rigidly set meal times, so that everyone has enough time to eat, rest and socialise with other crew members over some delicious pizza.


At the Mobile Pizzeria, we maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout the day to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe. We clean all cooking surfaces and utensils before and after use, and store food properly.


Finally, communication is key. We communicate regularly with the production team and the cast to ensure that everyone is well-fed and satisfied throughout the day. With years of experience serving the TV and Film industry, we’re always prepared to make adjustments to the menu and timing as needed to ensure that everyone is happy.

Client Portfolio

A star-studded portfolio isn’t everything, however it’s always an added bonus! We bring a portfolio of some top-ranking production companies that have had an impact on the global TV and Film industry. We believe the quality of our portfolio only speaks to the dependency and consistency of our TV and Film Catering Service, which keeps clients coming back.

At The Mobile Pizzeria, we like to stay organised, communicate regularly between our staff and the production team, and maintain high standards of cleanliness to ensure that everyone has a great experience on set.

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