Best Plantation Shutters Styles 2022

Best Plantation Shutters Styles 2022

Plantation shutters styles for 2022 have never looked better. Plantation shutters are gorgeous and can change the look of your home too. They’re not only easy to install but are made from PVC with metal core enforcement. This means the shutters won’t fade or warp easily, making them a perfect addition to any room of your home. Plantation shutters are even great for bathrooms and kitchens. So, what are the best styles of plantation shutters available today?

The Classic Wooden Shutters

Made entirely from wood, the classic wooden plantation shutter is amazing. The frames and panels are made from a variety of woods and can be re-finished every few years to freshen them up. Plantation shutters styles such as these are incredibly beautiful and versatile, not to mention affordable too.

The Café Style Shutter

Plantation shutters styles like these don’t get any better. The café shutter is gorgeous as it offers privacy and security. You choose how much light you want to stream into the room and they also come in many different variations.

The Tier-on-Tier Shutter

Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are beautiful. They consist of an upper and lower set of panels and can be independently moved. Depending on the exact tier style chosen, the panels can open freely from the other. So, you could open the upper panels while keeping the bottom ones closed or vice versa or have both sets of panels open at the same time. These plantation shutter styles are just gorgeous and offer great security and privacy for the home too.

The Full Height Plantation Shutter

As the name suggests, the shutter covers the entire window (from top to bottom) and can be customised to fit your uniquely shaped window too. Full height shutters offer great privacy and are some of the best plantation shutters styles to choose from today. They’re modern, trendy, and incredibly versatile too.

Solid Panel Shutters

These shutters are full length and cover the entire window. They do not have any slats and are built as one solid panel. Plantation shutters styles such as these are incredibly versatile and offer greater privacy for the home. These shutters are also perfect for insulating the home during the colder months.

Choose the Right Plantation Shutters Styles for Your Home

There are many great options to consider when choosing plantation-style shutters. You have full height shutters, the classic wooden ones, tiers, and café shutters too. These are just a few of the best but there are many more to consider. When choosing plantation shutters styles, ensure they’re practical and trendy.

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