Beginners guide to rabbits care

Rabbits are often incorrectly regarded as easy beginner pets (like a hamster).The most important parts of rabbit care are providing a healthy diet and a large enclosure. In this article, we would be giving you a beginner’s guide for how to care for your rabbit by giving you an insight into Food and treat, Accessories, Healthcare, and Hutches.

Rabbit Healthcare

Rabbit Food and Treat

It’s important to know that rabbits don’t just need treats, they also want them just like humans. Your pet adult rabbit’s diet should generally consist of fresh timothy hay, fresh grass hay, or fresh oat hay while your baby rabbits should be given alfalfa

You also need to supplement your rabbit’s hay with fresh vegetables, fibre-rich pellets, and fresh drinking water daily.

You can order some rabbit food and treats for your pet here Rabbit Food & Treats

Rabbit Toys and Accessories

Rabbits in general love to chew. Because of this, ensure there’s nothing around their surroundings that they shouldn’t gnaw on. Ensure you provide a variety of toys for your rabbit to pique his or her interest. You can get all the toys your pet rabbit needs here

Whether you are a seasoned rabbit owner or you’re looking to become one for the first time, there are several basic things that you’ll need to have to ensure your pet’s needs are being met. These items are called Rabbit Accessories and are available here Rabbit Accessories

Rabbit Healthcare

guide to rabbits care

A Rabbit’s instinct is to hide any symptoms of illness at any given time. As a rabbit owner, you need to keep a watchful eye on your pet and ensure it is eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing regularly. If you notice some slight changes in its behaviour, it is important to call a rabbit-savvy vet immediately.

It is also necessary to send your rabbit in for regular veterinary checkups.

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Rabbit Hutches

For your pet rabbit, you will need a suitable home that’s roomy and protected from the elements. Rabbits generally like to live in pairs so you’ll need to factor this when choosing their home because you will need to ensure both rabbits have plenty of space to explore and hide.  Your pet’s hutch should be completely secure so they can’t escape or be put at risk from predators. Ensure the primary location of your rabbit hutch is not isolated from you and your family.

There are several options to house rabbits here. Rabbit Hutches

Grooming Your Rabbit

Rabbits are generally regarded as clean animals because they wash frequently. However,  as a rabbit owner, you need to make sure your rabbit is groomed regularly.  This is essential because rabbits go through shedding cycles a couple of times a year and need to be brushed to remove all the excess fur so they don’t ingest it and get serious digestive issues.

Clipping your rabbit’s nails regularly is also important because long nails can get snagged on things or they can curl into your rabbit’s paw.

 Your Rabbits’ Unique Language and Behavior

Rabbits use their ears, tail, nose and body to communicate. Their body language is unique indeed. By catering to your rabbit’s natural tendencies, you can build a trusting relationship with your rabbit.

You can learn more about it by seeking professional assistance.

Now that you have a good overview of how to care for a pet rabbit, you can visit our Rabbit Food & Treat, Rabbit Toys and Accessories, Rabbit Healthcare, and Rabbit Hutches sections for more information.

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