What are end-bearing piles and what are their advantages?

What are end-bearing piles and what are their advantages?

Choosing a new foundation type can be important and one of the more popular choices is the end-bearing piles. End-bearing is constructed on soil but deep below the surface. It tends to hold a lot of weight, even though it can be constructed on lower-bearing soil. The pile bears the capacity and allows for the structure above to be properly supported. End-bearing piles are a common solution, but why use them?

How end-bearing piles are used to create foundations

An end-bearing pile takes the weight of the load above. It drives into the layer of hard soil and provides a strong platform for building. Typically, the foundation is constructed on hardened rocks or (in some cases,) dense sand. End-bearing piles can penetrate loose soil and work their way to the hardened (or solid) layer below. It almost acts like a column and supports the weight above.

When is an end-bearing pile used?

Typically, you will see end-bearing piles when a building has a heavily concentrated load. It will be able to take the weight above and ensure enough support is given to the structure too. An end-bearing pile can also be suitable for sub-soil in water and near drainage lines. This can be an incredibly versatile option to consider and it’s viable for many construction projects too.

The advantages of using an end-bearing pile

End-bearing piles are great to work with because they have excellent durability and can be drilled through toughened surfaces. You can also customise the foundations to ensure they match your specific building needs. End-bearing can also be used for construction on wetland, which is ideal, to say the least. You could even use end-bearing piles to reduce the construction time for foundations.

Choose the right foundations for your project

Foundations must be a priority when it comes to constructing a new structure. If the foundations are not right, the building cannot support the weight it holds up. It can create disaster and cause a serious incident. That is why you must choose the right foundation piles. End-bearing piles can be easy to work with, versatile, and used in most sites too.

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